Where Are Those Weapons of Mass Destruction Which Were Justified To Invade Iraq for Its Oil and Murdered So Many Based on Lies?

Where Are Those Weapons of Mass Destruction Which Were Justified To Invade Iraq for Its Oil and Murdered So Many Based on Lies?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Where are those weapons of mass destruction which was justified to invade Iraq for its oil and murdered so many based on lies?

Where are these virus’s that are supposedly weapons of mass destruction, which have  been falsified into a Global Pandemic and justified, to destroy so many lives from unnecessary lockdowns, and sadly used to push experimental drugs disguised as a quackzinne to murder and injure so many, based on the similar lies?

The virus has never been isolated, and never will be, (maybe everyone should have asked for the evidence before falling for yet another lie) as it never was a pandemic from day 1.

Hard for some to admit they were conned, but they should swallow their pride, and accept the reality. Many were fooled, so they aren’t alone.

And the “oh my god it’s a con” sorry Omicron variant is just the same.

Australian National Review.

Media telling you in advance what everyone will realise in the future.


We will pay $1 million for those elusive weapons of mass destruction just as we will pay anyone to prove a single person ever died of Bs 19. And you can’t count flu deaths as a Bs 19 death, or those killed by the jabs, or those falsely listed as dying of Bs 19, or those put on Remedesvir deliberately to boost deaths, or other deadly drugs, or had existing co morbidities, or were starved or neglected. Which means the tally of the claimed 5 million drops to a big fat zero. The National Health Institute of Italy has already dropped 97% down from 130,000 claimed deaths to just 3700. And those require further investigation which would find none died of the virus that was created on a computer using genome sequencing, and decided upon by political consensus. A political and scientific fraud.

Hard to believe I know. But so easy for so many to have believed we had a Global Pandemic without  asking for the evidence, despite no one ever seeing anyone drop dead in their street from the such a bad pandemic and no one ever will.

Do you trust mainstream media to tell you the truth when they are paid to tell you lies by those selling the big lie?

Demand the evidence of the killer virus that required the introduction of Global Communism is where those demanding evidence should start.

End the trance. Awaken. Or die.

Here’s what others had to say:

James Gaz Bolton
I realised the world is not what it seems when I was on a plane to New York, September 11th, we where diverted to Nova Scotia, just 30mins after the first plane hit. I studied the wars from then on, contradictions, Lies, excuses, Robbery!! and of course murder.

Nig Mac
Jamie McIntyre
You could put the challenge up to $1 billion and it will never be claimed either.

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/100001092086344/posts/4709065842473105/

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