Situation Update – Shocking List of Venom-Derived Pharmaceuticals Swallowed by Millions

Situation Update – Shocking List of Venom-Derived Pharmaceuticals Swallowed by Millions

By Health Ranger Report

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I wish people would take the genecide happening now in Shanghai China seriously but our government and MSN outlets are ignoring what they are doing.

How many seniors do you know that it takes them hours to set up their pills for the week– cause they have been brainwashed to think they need ALL of them.
I know 4. I’ve tried to get them to research what their on and talk to their Dr….nope — their Dr knows best and will complain how much $$$ they spend on them

Mark H
We already know big pharma has been killing people for a long time.

Brings new meaning to the term “snake oil salesmen”.

every mass shooting and terrorist attack has been committed by people already known to the fbi.
let that sink in.

Theresa A. Prado
I don’t even take aspirin or ANY pharma drugs. But those rotten child trafficking satanists have so many ways of poisoning people. btw, I wonder what regular aspirin contains, cockroach poop? I feel sorry for the billions of trapped animals in those labs.To them humans are DEMONS!!!

Dr Ardis has shown us the peer reviewed papers where all the dots connected. They are labs. There is certainly something going on with venom. We may not have all the answered, but they will come.

c dento
CDC monitoring water is a TELL/Warning of what is coming. Next spike wave will hit small towns in the water. And BOTTLED WATER. The CDC map suggests Ohio is targeted more than New England. ChemTrails could also be used to deliver the spike.

Dawnie Rotten
One is a SPECIAL kind of PSYCHOPATH to name the company TOXICtech!!!!!!!!!
May the ALL BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anna b
Until it’s proven in lab analysis, I consider all of this just speculation and theory.

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