American-Chilean Journo Gonzalo Lira ALIVE – Confirms Detention by Ukrainian Security Services

American-Chilean Journo Gonzalo Lira ALIVE – Confirms Detention by Ukrainian Security Services

By sweN TR

American-Chilean Journo Gonzalo Lira ALIVE – Confirms Detention by Ukrainian Security Services

The anti-Kiev blogger had his phone taken away, and claims posts made on his accounts after April 15 were not his own. Lira says he is still not in control of his online content and that he has to remain in the city of Kharkov.

Gonzalo Lira #WhereisGonzaloLira

Here’s what others had to say: 

The Scoundrel’s Cantina
I was so worried! Thank God Gonzalo is alive and well! God bless you man!

Anthony Hayden
What a beautiful day! Gonzalo is alive. The public pressure paid off.
Everyone feared the worst. Stay safe and do what’s necessary until you are completely safe to say and do what you want

RaviK Pullet
Very, very happy to see him alive and well.. Many days of grief vanished with this 4 mins clip. He was a father-figure to many, taught things only a father would care to teach his kids. Salute to the man! He is a mentor to many undergoing red pill rage. He is like the wise Uncle you would turn to for advise when confused. I wish him a long, happy life!

Qué bueno que estés de vuelta, G.L. Sabemos que no andabas de juerga y parranda, no te preocupes. SE TE QUIERE Y RESPETA. ¡¡Cuídate mucho, jefe!! ¡¡FUERTE ABRAZO!!

Barrie Gilham
I was fearing the worst, But so relieved to see Gonzalo speaking to us again. The pain on his face tells a story. I do hope this war ends soon.

King Ofthegarden
It is great to hear you alive and well, not only for us but also (more importantly) for your family – the rest doesn’t matter. I must confess, I did fear the worst but Still be careful.

Alexandra Reuter
Our prayers worked – GOD save all our wishes to all the people who are affected with this situation. But seeing GL back brings great smile on our fac.

Glad to see you’re alive and well. Obviously, he has a gag order – and fuck it. That’s good enough. Gonzalo, you did a great service to everyone with your reporting, now sit it out. Just sit it out, not worth dying over. Everyone get’s what you DIDN’T SAY, and that’s cool. Alex got it, we were all worried sick. This could have ended way worse, you got let go – don’t tempt them anymore.

Sanja A.
So happy to see this! I hope he will stop speaking about the war and not get in danger again. It was so moving to see all people from all countries coming together about this. I have cried reading Gonzalo‘s words about hope that people have in their last moments, that he wrote not long ago and how hope is what keeps us alive. He is indeed wonderful writer. This story also had sad and funny moments, people were writing to everybody from Chile from Azov to Presidents, consuls and ambassadors. It was really like a movie to check what is going on with Gonzalo.

So happy to see you I really feared the worst sorry I wasn’t more optimistic but so hard with all the evil things being done to innocent people. It’s great to have you back Gonzalo.

Damien Sullivan
Brilliant Alex and Brilliant Gonzalo !!! You had thousands of us in depression !!!

Our entire family is so relieved to see Gonzalo! Thank you for this update! We prayed so hard. It’s our Serbian Orthodox Veliki Petak and we believe that our prayers have been answered. One must never lose hope and faith!

Dear God, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Alex, thank you every Chilean embassy that engaged, thank you everybody here and thank you everyone that raised your voice for the salvation of the Coach. Thank you.

Never cared much for CRP, but I’m happy he’s alive. I hope everything goes smooth and he makes it through this all okay.

It’s frightening to think that, if it hadn’t been for the efforts made by so many people, Gonzalo could have been ‘disappeared’. What a relief/great news to see him safe and well.

Independent Patriot
Of all the places he could have chosen to resurface, he decided to make an appearance on ‘The Duran’. That speaks volumes about Alex & Alexander, the Duran’s platform and perceived reach of the audience. Glad Gonzalo is okay. Good on you, Alex, hopefully you will see an uptick in traffic. You deserve it…

Marc Oliver
I’m glad that he is physically okay; I wish him all the best and I hope this ends well for everyone, sooner rather than later!

Mo A
This is a miracle. With all the horror stories and events we’ve seen and all speculation was that he’s Dead. I had to watch this video twice to believe he is alive n well. Praise The Lord.

Penny Cooks
Praise the Lord. I prayed everyday for Gonzo I know he probably hates that nickname I gave him. I’m just over the moon he is ok. I always had faith

Lorraine Dougan
Praise the Lord, he’s ok. Thank-you, God, for bringing him through this all right! — Alex, Thank-you for bringing the good news to us. Ganzalo, I’m very happy and relieved you are ok. Stay safe!

Dalida Dalida
Only you guys understand the RELIEF!!!! I never thought of and worried about a person I don’t personally know so much in my life. Gonzalo was on my mind 24/7. Thank goodness you’re still with us. We love you!!!
EDIT: The big fear I have now is what if this is a trick from the SBU to make them look like they preserved GL’s life. And then “something” will happen to him in a shelling or something. I’m indescribably relieved and so happy to see him and hope he will continue to stay safe and alive through this hell. Please stay safe!

Nancy Barra
What a wonderful news! I am so happy that Gonzalo is okay! I have prayed every day for you, Gonzalo!, Thanks, Alex, for all you have done for Gonzalo! You have to know that Goodness is on both of your sides!

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