Extreme Authoritarian Laws Proposed in New York!

Extreme Authoritarian Laws Proposed in New York!

By AwakenWithJP

Here’s what others had to say:

Jim Oelfke
The fact that this was even proposed should be deemed an act of treason

Tom Zimmerman
I’ve been speaking up and losing “friends” which sucks but honestly it’s better than pretending we aren’t in a period of mass psychosis.

Chuck Buttons
This guy is more important and influential than he knows. Protect this man.

A Mostly Reasonable Guy
You’ve went from playful satirist, to sober truth teller, to an outspoken folk hero in these times. Thank you for what you’re doing. Seriously.

Kyle Bradley
The people who voted for this bill and wrote it should never be forgotten, anyone who thinks like this is a threat to the American way of life as long as they hold office.

Steel Beach
I’m pretty sure this proposed bill was, until now, just a “conspiracy theory.”

Rebel Soul
When you trade in freedom in the name of “safety” and “protection” from a government, we lose both!!

JP, you’re really hitting them out of the park these days…these strange days. Who would have thought this country would come to this?

James Wyman
This situation is starting to get very real, I pray every day that people start to wake up. I am so scared for my children, they could grow up in a very rough America.

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-VDi8WJtBI

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