NASA Warfare Document Plan To Kill Mankind Population Control

NASA Warfare Document Plan To Kill Mankind Population Control

By Nasa Today


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Crystal Wilson
I’m watching this again, years after it was made and, with each passing year EVERYTHING Deborah warned us about here proves to be fact.

Bonnie A Jones
It is now 2022 and I was well into this video before I saw that it was from 2013…….Shock does not really describe how I felt! Too bad this hasn’t become one of those ‘viral videos’.

Myriam Rozo
I just saw this documentary and now I see that everything is being fulfilled GOD have mercy on.

K Fresne
I originally saw this years ago and I’m looking at it again for the 4th time.
She rang totally authentic the second time I viewed it because much of what was incredulous on first view was actual stuff happening in 2017. Now it has ALL proven to be not only possible but much of what she says is authenticated as actually happening.

Janna Driver
She didn’t even realize or have any way of knowing it would be 5G towers.

Crystal Wilson
Every aspect of all of this rings so painfully true in Nov, 2020…

If I had been the one interviewing her 8 years ago, I would have had a hard time not laughing at her….what a wacko!! Only to realize now that if we had just listened then, so much of what we are experiencing might have been prevented. The whole proverbial hindsight is 20/20 thing…..I hope it’s not too late!!

Bumblebee – My GT86
NASA stands for: Not actually a space agency

Ricky Timms
Im in love again !!! I LOVE THIS WOMAN !!! We NEED to get together and get all the communities together as a base line then it will grow on its own foundation of TRUTH !!!

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