NYPD Surround and Demand Papers From Child at a New York Applebees

NYPD Surround and Demand Papers From Child at a New York Applebees

By Ben Swann

A New York Applebees called NYPD after a child failed to produce his C0VID-19 vaxxination card.


Here’s what others had to say:

Wrong on so many levels. How dare you scare a child like this and quite frankly I am tired hearing about Covid. It’s been around for years and years. Let us live our ONLY god given life!

That is soooo wrong. I live in Fl and see a bunch of license plates from other states. In fact, my new neighbor moved down from NJ. Said he couldn’t take it no more up north.

While they can still walk…booster up stooges💉…tick tock…she’ll still be here long after their systems shut down with their “vaccine” induced AIDS

We have a lot of mass psychoses going on in many of our state agencies and throughout the world. Most are brainwashed useful idiots but there are a few perpetrators that know exactly what they’re doing. Soon there MUST be a Nuremberg type tribunal so it doesn’t happen again.

Hard to watch. These officers shouldn’t even respond to a call like this…..this is horrific. This country is becoming Bolshevik Soviet Union. Bolshevism was equally a coup, and not a “revolution”. Disgraceful. This is only going to grow, and the schism is growing. Meanwhile the migrants flock in, so these Bolsheviks collect votes in the next election. Grotesque. America’s economy is being crashed purposely so the likes of Klaus Schwab can have his “great reset”. Parasites will always be parasites.

NYC is a dystopian nightmare. A whole squad of police for a child to enforce a bs mask mandate?

Original Source: https://www.sovren.media/video/nypd-surround-and-demand-papers-from-child-at-a-new-york-applebees-569.html

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