The Projectile Was a Ukrainian Reactive Rocket System “SMERSH”

The Projectile Was a Ukrainian Reactive Rocket System “SMERSH”

By AussieCossack


⚠️As the Ukrainian army retreats it is indiscriminately launching artillery attack on cities joining Russia.
⚠️This is called “slamming the door as you leave”.
⚠️The projectile was a Ukrainian Reactive Rocket system “SMERSH” – from the video it is clear that the projectile came from the north-west (Ukrainian positions).
⚠️Russian forces already control the city so there is not logical explanation or reason as to why they would bomb Kharkov.
🔴Note, Russia has been very careful not to attack civilian targets.
🇦🇺Shame on Scott Morrison for arming and supporting a collapsing Kiev Nazi Regime.
😱Who knows? Maybe this projectile was sponsored by Scomo?

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