Why Does the US Keep Bombing the Middle East?

Why Does the US Keep Bombing the Middle East?

By Gamal Mikhail Sidhom

Because the USA is a nation of hypocrisy. I could have said it was a nation of warmongers but hypocrisy best describes the USA. Only the USA imposes a standard for the rest of the world to live by yet refuses to live those same standards. Only the USA cries about the right of defense but does everything imaginable to keep other nations weak and vulnerable. Only the USA cries about nuclear proliferation but is the only country to have used them and ignored Israel’s nukes. Only the USA would wage a “war on terror” while ignoring their ally, Saudi Arabia, is the best exporter of extremist Islam. Only the USA cries about terror attacks yet supported al-Qaeda in Syria. Only the USA pisses and moans about international law yet pulls out of treaties, agreements and punishes other nations for not following their footsteps. Only the USA pisses and moans about sovereignty yet goes around overthrowing other leaders in this day and age

Americans are cool but they should know they live in an evil, corrupt cesspool of a country and they are not exceptional whatsoever. In fact, perhaps the least exceptional country.

Here’s what others had to say:

Juliusz Turek
USA, Israel – colonial, racist, apartheid state and Saudi Arabia – medieval satrapy being the World’s largest producer and exporter of Wahhabi fundamentalism and Sunni terrorism creates Axis of Evil in the Middle East.

Mickey Lamotta
Just a wild guess – The Spanish, Belgian, Portuguese, German, British, French, Japanese, and Russian empires used their militaries to invade other countries and take their resources. Maybe the US is doing something similar…

Cassandra Cartwright
One word. Oil. The US is a corporation. Any country sitting on valuable resources guarantees US interference.
Since it’s beginning it has basically looked around, decided what it wanted and then grabbed it. Whether that was land, metals, oil. Look out. You are in the crosshairs of the Ferengi of the world.

Itay Moav
Same reason any other country is always attacking in the Middle East. Russia, Turkey, Iran.
But, If my memory serves (After all it was many many years ago, in the 1990) USA did not do anything major in the Middle East until that idiot Sadam Hussein attacked an American alley, Cuwait.

Frank Matiella
Oil! Why did we kill off all of the American Indians? For being in our land before we got here! We attack countries in the Middle East for being on our oil before we got there. There are three conditions a country must meet to prevent an attack from us. 1: to have no resources that we want such as Bangladesh.. 2: Friendly relations so that they can trade with us. 3: Nuclear weapons so that we may badmouth them and call them terrible people, but never mess with them. Anyone else, what is theirs will soon be ours.

Quentin Poulsen
The main reason is controlling the flow of oil and gas through the region, maintaining the petrodollar and imposing US hegemony on the region. However, the US has locked itself into a proxy war with Iran ever since that country overthrew its brutal US-backed Shah in 1979. The latest manifestation of this being Yemen, where Saudi Arabia has been bombing civilian targets with American weapons.

Owen Hart
To establish Globalism, and to have control over as many people as possible.

Cecelia Holland
The middle east has been sucking people in for millenia. it’s the grand central station of the old world, the place where 3 continents meet. it’s been in a constant churn forever. and nobody wins there. the romans lost there. The mongols lost there. napoleon. the british. us. because there is no stability in a place that people are forever tramping through.

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